This is short tutorial how to prepare Bylsem for your organization. We will be in Administration section whole time.

You can check our video on same topic on YouTube: Setting up organization.

Screenshot: Administration in main navigation

Create organization and checkout

In sub-menu Organizations we can find form to Add new organization. Only Name is required, and we can change all information later in edit.

Screenshot: Form to add organization

In next step we can compare plans and continue with checkout. After checkout we should see organization in list.

There can be small delay before we receive confirmation from, but if it takes more than few minutes please send us mail to so we can check status manually.

Screenshot: Organization in list

Invite team members

Under Team button on organization card, you can see yourself as administrator and invite another members to join company.

Screenshot: Team list

Invitations are listed on the same team page. Members that accept invitation to company can later be assigned to many projects of company. You can remove pending invitations after two days.

Create projects

Projects are created for specific organization under Projects sub-menu.

Screenshot: Form to Add project

After successful creation we will see project card similar to organization card.

Screenshot: Project card

Create activities

Now we need to create activities our company does in Activities sub-menu.

Process is the same, and after we can see all activities in the list.

Screenshot: List of activities

Add activities to projects

Now we set what activities are performed in our Blog project. Go to Projects list and press Edit button on Project card, there is section where we can select what activities are relevant.

Screenshot: Add activities to project

Put team members to projects

Now from list of projects press button Assign team members, and you can see yourself and later other users. Here you can set who is able to insert its own worked time to that activity and who can review records of others.

Screenshot: Add members to project

From now your team members can add record of time worked to selected activities.

Screenshot: Insert

Do you have feedback? Or need help?

Bylsem is young and in development, if you have issues, do not hesitate to contact us .