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Bylsem service

Bylsem website and servises are provided by Jan Daniel Doležal person based in Nadační 1, 621 00 Brno, Czech Republic VAT# CZ8609135777.

You can contact for request related to privacy or GDPR. Our designated DPO is Jan Daniel Doležal (born 1986-09-13).

We are trying to store as little data as needed for our service.


Your worked hours and description for specific day and activity in project in organisation and currently used name and email
Your review and comment of other users record
Organisation's administrator can set old record as frozen to disable changes and removal - to keep reports consistent

What is collected

To provide our services we do collect some of your personal data:

Provided during user registration

Provided in settings

Provided by service use

While using Bylsem you create records about your activity.


We do log some of your activities on servers to ensure functionality and security of our service. Some of these logs contain your IP and user agent string provided by your browser.

We use PaperTrail for log collection.

Removing content

Please note: records and reviews are shared with organisation. To keep report consistent we only remove them if both user and organisation are removed from Bylsem.

Table below list how we do delete specific information from our database, please note, they can be present in encrypted backups for some time.

Information can be removed fully removed
User account by user request never, name and primary emails are anonymized after 90 days
Primary e-mail no - only with account
Secondary e-mail by user in settings immediately
User's membership in organisation by user in administration immediately
Record by user after cca 30 days in batch
Frozen records only if both user and organisation is removed after cca 30 days in batch